Virtual Events for Real Communities

Teooh is an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional events. We can provide a social experience for groups of people who otherwise can't attend events in-person. Scale your events globally without scaling overhead costs.

Offer your community a unique experience

Attendee's customize their avatar, and then control their character as if it was a real event

What people are saying

That’s so cool! I hear him louder when I sit next to him just like real life.

Jacqueline Stein, TedX Speaker

I've done a ton of public speaking and dozens of webinars, but for me, Teooh is a perfect combination of the webinar and live conferencing. You can feel the presence of people around you, interact with them and have a real networking session.

Szczepan Bentyn, Bitcoin Pioneer

Felt like I could connect with everyone in the room just as I would at a regular event.

Steven Wang, Entrepreneur & TedX Speaker

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